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I am a mom of two and after following a few other bloggers realized that I needed to better myself. So, here I am ready to take those steps necessary to be a better mom, wife, and person, with each of you following my progress. I want people to know that you can be the kind of mom you want and that anyone can do it!! I hope that you can learn, laugh, and grow with me.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My husband the humbug!!!

Rant: Santa Claus really needs to start paying for my wrapping services!! I don't think that I can wrap another present but I know that I will LOVE watching my kids rip them open Christmas morning!!! Oh and why does it cost so much money to fill a stocking???

Ok..so money is a little tight this year and I have set a small budget for what we can spend on each other. Well I knew that he wanted something that was out of our budget. SO I got the same thing on a smaller scale and was he happy? NO He can be the hardest person to please..but after a very long talk we came to an agreement. It wasn't that he was upset that he didn't get the bigger one but the fact that he told me two months ago about something that he wanted that was actually WAY below our budget and I forgot about it. I really do fill bad but at the same time I feel like he should be happy with what he gets!! I think this is a problem for alot of people at Christmas, especially if they are the only child. Now that we have kids it is WAY more about them then about us.

On another note: tomorrow we are going to be doing a first in the craft world for us. We are going to be painting ornaments and picture frames to go with some of the presents that we are giving. Hopefully there won't be any paint where there shouldn't and I won't lose my patience.

As for my four steps: I again wasn't able to get up this morning. I really don't know what to do. The kids didn't get up until 11 this morning and neither did I. I honestly don't want if anyone reading this has any suggestions please share them! And apparently I should change my name to Mommy's nighttime rant instead since I am writing at night. I have been using naptime to wrap the tons of presents that I have. I am hoping to get back on track after Christmas!


Day 1 = FAIL

First my rant: why is it that people cannot accept change? I understand when you think that things need to stay the same but have you ever thought that maybe your in a rut. Others just don't change because they are afraid that the people around them will get mad. Well let me tell ya...I have worried about what others around me think all my life and guess what? It doesn't matter what they think. People need to do what they think is right and best for their family not what someone around you thinks is better for your family!

Adding one more thing to the first three changes I am going to make: My mom, who is my best friend, came up with this great plan for us. We talk to each other EVERY day, which is great but.....sometimes we tend to bring out the bitchiness worst out of each other. She is the person that I call me when I want to kill my husband for not doing to ONE thing I told him to do a zillion few times. We talk about everything and have a tendency to complain most of the time that we talk. SO..we decided that we are not going to fall into the same routine every day. We can still talk every day but now we are going to find the positive in our day and talk about that. Since are are both married with kids we still need to vent. Therefore, three times awake we can call and rant and rave about something that our husbands someone did! I hope that we can hold each other accountable to our new agreement. 

As for my first steps to a new me: Day 1 was a failure but I am going to move on. I know that to be able to get up I am going to have to start going to bed at a decent time but every night I am trying to play catch up because I didn't get up that morning. So I am going to have to make myself get up in the morning and not fall back on my excuses! Drink LOTS of coffee. I am going to pray that I have the discipline needed to make myself get up in the morning.
My new motto!!

Please pray for me and continue to follow with my journey. I never said I was perfect or going to succeed the first time every time and this is proof!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A wedding or a dog? What first?

I have never been so excited about getting a new computer in all my life!! I finally got it today which hopefully means that I can actually continue with my blog!! Today I just have one quick rant before I get to the good stuff: When did it become ok to tell your child/grandchild that it was ok to take someone elses toy from their home? I missed that memo. Maybe next time when Little Man wants something we can go shopping at a friends house instead of me actually having to pay for it out of pocket!?!

SO when I left off last week I was first going to introduce an important member of our family and tell how we got him! This important member is our dog Boaz. He is a miniature schnauzer and is four years old. We got him shortly after getting our first place. I had been wanting a dog for a while but being the way my husband is he HAD to do months of research to find a dog. So one Saturday we were getting ready to go to a wedding that he didn't want to go to. We were getting ready and Mr. Wonderful finally looked at me and asked what it would take to get out of going to the wedding. I flat out told him that we had to go get a dog that day!! I really didn't think that he would. He agreed and we changed into more casual cloths and went to get out dog. I was set on having a black puppy but when we saw Boaz, who is salt and pepper, we had to have him. It took FOREVER to pick out a name, and no we did not name him after a city in Alabama. He was actually named after the right hand column of the temple of Solomon. So that's the story of what a man will do to get out of something he doesn't want to do. The moral of the story: Ladies make it worth your while!!

And now for the important information:

The last week has not gone the way that I planned. We did make cookies which was so much fun but Little Man would not eat them. He helped bake and decorate them but would not even lick the icing. I'm pretty sure he doesn't belong to me. We didn't get the crafts that I had planned because frankly, I'm lazy!! That is going to change.

So know for the first steps in the refocus of my life:
1. Tackling the lazy factor. Mr. Wonderful gets up every morning and heads to work and what do I do? Sleep! I am lucky and blessed that my children will sleep from anywhere between 9 and 10. So during that time I could be doing hundreds of things, so I am. Every morning I will get up with my husband and help him get off to work, then I will shower and get ready for the day. I will do the things that I need to do on the computer and either get ready for the errands or crafts/games that we are going to be doing. If I would just get up these four extra hours then I could get so much accomplished and actually be ahead of the game!!
2. Actually read my Bible and do a devotion everyday! I actually use to do this on a regular basis and felt to much more encouraged and ready to face my day. I slowly 'lost' time to do this. With step one in place I will no longer have that excuse. I know that reading my Bible and talking/listening to God everyday will help to give me the peace and understanding that I need in my life.
3. Exercise daily. Once again getting up four hours earlier in the mornings will help with this. The last month I have used my surgery as a reason that I could not exercise. Well, I am healed and no longer have that excuse. I will do some type of video/workout everyday for at least thirty mins. Just doing this will help me to have energy to face the day and help me to be able to get up every morning.

I am starting these three things bright and early in the morning!! Please pray for me as I take the first step in my journey. I have decided that every time add new steps to my refocus I will give myself two weeks to get accustomed to them before adding more. So please join me for the next two weeks as I focus on implanting these three changes into my life and come back to find out what my next steps will be!!!

God Bless and see you at naptime tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The void before naptime.

Please someone tell me they know what I'm talking about when I say the void before naptime. You know that short time between when you lay your kids down and when you know they have finally gone to sleep. I hate that time! It use to last about five minutes with Little Man but for some reason he is scared to death of sleep. I don't believe in ghost but I'm pretty sure he has seen one to be that scared of sleep. Its not the dark because this happens at naptime and bedtime. That few minutes use to be the time where I would make my lunch and have a few quite moments before I started what every needed to be done for the day. Well today even though I had to lay Little Man back down 5 times I still managed to lose my train of thought and end up on a topic that I feel needs to be ranted about today. So I hope you enjoy!
Why can't I have reindeer and a flying sleigh when I have
 more things to do them time to do them?
So its the Christmas season and though most people I know say they are more concerned with the reason for Christmas instead of the business side of Christmas they still run around looking for that mythical 'perfect gift'. So how do you find that perfect gift? You ask the receiver of course! Yes, you heard me right..you ask them what they want for Christmas and they tell you. Or if your like me they ask for a price limit and then tell you something right under that amount. I'm not ranting because I don't do this..I do, especially if it involves my kids. Here is the thing about asking what a person wants...this is the season to give not receive! Therefore, that person should be happy with whatever you give them even if it is just a handmade card. There are too many rules about what and why you should give someone something. Don't get me wrong I am all for buying every teacher your kids ever had, the post man, your stylist and anyone else you come into contact with a gift. I LOVE giving!! The problem is that there is so much pressure that people spend WAY more then they even have.
Just thought this was a funny concept of money!
 And there lays the over all truth! So the moral of this rant is: the next time someone ask you what you want them to get you for Christmas your answer will be: Whatever you think is appropriate.

On a side note: Mr. Wonderful was reading my blog and decided that I needed a few pointers so I'm going to clear a few things up!!

1. I left out a very import family member our dog! We have had him since 2006..and the reason that we got him will be the topic of one of tomorrows blogs!
2. When trying to make a huge change it is better to start with one thing at a time. Well..I'm doing three. I feel like many of the things I want to change all coincide with each other. So here are the main three: 1. Start having a better relationship with Christ 2. Lose weight and have better physical shape 3. Be a more supportive and understanding mom and wife.

Here's to praying I accomplish those! So stay tuned for tomorrow when I write about how we got our dog and the first steps I am going to be taking to make my first three goals happen.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Where's the nap button when I need it?

If only it were that easy!
Somebody really needs to explain to me why kids don't come with a nap button! Whenever we go ANYwhere during the day naptime is lost.The worst thing about no naptime is no me time. Do my kids not realize that I have tons of things to do. The thing is that I actually have really good kids (and no I'm not being bias). There is no cranky attitude they just go about their day. The problem is that I can't seem to get anything done. I feel like if I even try to fold a load of cloths and their awake I feel guilty for not spending time with them. It even took me thirty minutes to write this because I couldn't just sit down and write continuously. So what to do? I guess that question has to wait until later.

On a side note: in preparation for the Christmas season we are about to make cookies and work on a few crafts. All part of me trying to be a better more crafty person. 

I am actually excited about it. We are going to be painting ornaments and pictures frames to include in a few peoples presents. Then we are going to try a new craft to use to display our Christmas cards. There are lots of craft blogs out there. Check in later this week for a few links to them.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome to my world!

First I just want to say 'Thank you'! You didn't have to read my blog but here you are! I want to start by giving a little background to who I am and why I'm here. I have been married to an amazing man since 2005 and we have two children. Little Man was born in March 2008 and Darlin' was born in April 2010. I unexpectedly became a stay at home mom in June 2009. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE it! Unfortunately that happened just 8 months after buying our first home. :( We have managed to survive thanks to the great support that we have from our family. I decided to go back to college to get my teaching degree and have two more years left. My husband (Mr. Wonderful) will be starting school in January 2011. We have a very busy schedule but I felt something was missing. I was/am following a few blogs that gave me the inspiration that I needed to change myself. With money tight I realized that there are things that I can do to help keep cost down for us and to be one of those  perfect moms that can do anything. So please join me on my journey to be a crafty, cheap thrifty

That's NOT in the budget!! 
, and awesome moms. I want to be a better follower of Christ, mom, and wife. I want to give a 100% in anything that I do. JUST A WARNING: I AM A NEW BLOGGER. Therefore I am still working on what to do!