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I am a mom of two and after following a few other bloggers realized that I needed to better myself. So, here I am ready to take those steps necessary to be a better mom, wife, and person, with each of you following my progress. I want people to know that you can be the kind of mom you want and that anyone can do it!! I hope that you can learn, laugh, and grow with me.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It never fails...

So I was doing really good about writing and getting my goals accomplished and everything falls apart. I didn't even go to school last week...AT ALL! I feel so far behind and too overwhelmed to even know where to start.

Did I mention that daylight savings time SUCKS?! Only about half the clocks in my house fell back.

This is what it looks like at about 5:00 at my house!
Today I was motivated to getting somethings done. I have finished most of my homework that is due this week. I also have my house close to being in order. As for my goal-did I mention daylight savings time?- I am so mixed up in my sleeping. I am getting up by 8 every morning when I don't have to work. I am going to try and move it back to 6 tomorrow and from now on. Wish me luck! I am also going to start back reading. 

There are so many times that you hear people say 'you make time for the things that matter'. I feel this is so true. There are so many times that we are running around when really we need to just get our priorities right. We are the problem not time. My project for tomorrow is to write down my list of priorities in order and how I plan to accomplish them. There is a project that I am working on and home to be able to blog about it in the next few days. 

My last little note for the night is to remind everyone to be kind even to strangers. I will post tomorrow about an experience that I had and an opportunity that I missed.


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