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I am a mom of two and after following a few other bloggers realized that I needed to better myself. So, here I am ready to take those steps necessary to be a better mom, wife, and person, with each of you following my progress. I want people to know that you can be the kind of mom you want and that anyone can do it!! I hope that you can learn, laugh, and grow with me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hit and Miss

So the other day in my Last Chance post I should have mentioned that I may still be a little hit and miss for the next couple of weeks. There are days when I simply do not have the time no matter what I do. Yesterday I worked then went straight to school. Once home I had school work to complete then went straight to bed! The good news is that these are the days that are the most challenging for me but also bring the most change.

The one thing that I still struggle daily with but would like to get under control is the time that I get up every morning. To make this happen I will make myself go to bed each night by 11. No matter what I am doing at that time I must put it down and go to bed. There is , however, one exception to this rule: if my little monsters angels ones are still awake obviously they cannot be left unattended! Doing this to myself means that I MUST have some time management in my day. Since these two things go hand in hand I will be working on them for the next week. When I give you an update on Tuesday you will see just how dedicated I am to turning everything around.

On a side note, stay close this week. I have some very exciting news and updates!


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